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Androids Apps on Chromebook – The Best You Can Expect To Get

If you’re on Chromebook, you can easily understand what it would feel to run Android apps on it. To give you a more intrinsic experience, Google wants to come up with better ways to tackle malware issues that are always there with Android. And there is no match of Chrome OS in terms of security, reliability. This is why Chromebook is always special for people.

Just think of a Chromebook where you can explore the magic of Android apps and this is going to be a truth right from this year. Chromebooks have become extremely popular particularly in the education industry, but with few inherent apps that are trapped in browser-land. In the meantime, Android is striving to come out from the restrictions of few big-size Android mobile devices.

It is a mutual benefit for both the platforms to come together and give users one of its kinds of experience. Google is working really hard by taking concrete steps to clean up its app store and enable support for bigger screens. Now it would be interesting to see how this association would benefit users. It is important to keep in mind that Android app support is still in beta on Chrome OS, and even the Samsung Chromebook Pro I used is a prototype. Things will probably change—but this is the first glimpse of a growing world.

It’s time to grab a Chromebook

If you find yourself unable to do something substantial on your smartphone, you’re not alone. For example, you may find it difficult to read smaller text. This is where Chromebook makes a difference by allowing users to do a lot more than a simple smartphone. As it comes with a stylus for writing and drawing on a touchscreen, it would be a lot easier for people to manage things on a bigger screen.

For a better experience, check out the amazing Chromebook Pro that has a 360-degree hinge. So, you can flip it around and make it a Chrome tablet. Its hard keyboard gets disabled once the hinge moves beyond 180 degrees, and an onscreen keyboard pops up when required.

What if you run Android apps on Chromebook?

It is expected that Chromebooks would be able to run Android apps by this year. However, there are some apps like Instagram doesn’t render fit-screen looks and it looks like a smartphone-sized window on your Chrome desktop.

Though there are no hassles associated with the functionality and features of Instagram, it would be better if a user can take the experience to a bigger display.

As Android games are very much popular on smartphones such as Asphalt 8 and other rich games, playing it on Chromebook would certainly add a magic to the eyes of users. The stylus that comes with Chromebook would make it feasible for users to take note anytime anywhere without compelling the user to make the use of the small-size keyboard.

There are various aspects were mixing both the leaders makes sense. Therefore, get ready for an immersive Chromebook experience this year.


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