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Back Up Your Android Device Before It’s Too Late

Have you ever thought what will happen if you lose your phone? How can you get those priceless photos, videos, contacts, and other important data that is completely safe in your Android phone? Losing the device is a common issue of many folks. Every time, I find people asking for numbers as they didn’t create any backup earlier.

To overcome any such situation, the best option is to create a backup as this would allow you get back every single important file you would need on your new device. Let’s see how you can create a backup of your Android device.


Maintaining contacts is no big deal with an Android device. To avoid losing them accidentally, save all of new contacts to your Google Account. The actual process largely depends on your phone model and its specifications. For ease of use, download Google’s official Contacts app from Play Store.

Open the app and choose the little “Add Contact” button. On first usage, it should notify you to choose a default account to save the contacts to if you have multiple Google accounts. If not, it would be saved default to your regular Google account. You can verify this by opening the contact and choosing your Gmail address underneath the Saving to drop down menu.

Photos & Videos

There is no dearth of automatic tools for backing up photos available. However, the best option in this category is Google Photos. By using this app, you can choose to back up an unlimited number of photos for free.

To make it work, download the Google Photos app and follow given instructions:

  • On Android 6.0 or later: Go to Settings > Google > Google Photos Backup and flip the switch on.
  • On Android 5.1 or earlier: Open Google Settings, then select Google Photos Backup and flip the switch on.
  • Or, open Google Photos, slide open the menu from the left side of the screen, select Settings, then Back up & sync, and flip the switch on.


By using Google Play Music, you can upload up to 50,000 songs for free from the PC and download them on your Android device for offline usage.

The app stores your music on cloud so you can always get it back whenever you want.

Notes & Documents

On this front, you can use the in-built Notes app on your Android device. But it doesn’t help you create backup, so if there is no phone means no data. To deal with this, use Google Keep, a fabulous note capturing app that has the capability to back up every note you take. You can use Google login to access the same.

Multiple Calendars

You might already know that it is possible to sync your Google Calendar data with your built-in Calendar app or any other third-party calendar app. But do you know you can sync multiple calendars with that account. To do this, go to Google Calendar on the web and choose the drop down menu on the left next to My calendars. Then select Create new calendar.

Open up your selected calendar app and go to Settings to pick the calendars you like to show. As all of these calendars sync with your Google account, any changes you make in your app will instantly be saved online.


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