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How to Backup and Restore your Android device with ClockWorkMod Recovery

If you want to perform on your Android device more complicated updates like, flashing custom ROM or install unofficial updates, install beta firmware, on this cases exist the risk to brick the system of the phones device, that’s why in this tutorial I will learn you to make a full backup, this thing before you make any modification on your device, or starting the main process. In fact, this guide is about how to backup and restore your Android device, before make changes on your operating system like installing the custom ROMs or applying unofficial updates. A sure and perfect method to do this, is to use the ClockWorkMod Recovery custom recovery image. With ClockWorkMod Recovery custom recovery image, you will be able to back up your current ROM which is running on your device. This full backup  is very useful when something wrong with difficulty and crash your system while trying to flash a new custom ROM on your device, and if you have a full backup you will be able to revert your old system without problems.

ClockWorkMod Recovery or CWM is a custom recovery which is designed especial to work in Android systems platform and whit this tool we can access different capabilities : making backups, or testing custom ROMs, in the performing maintenance operations. Other important aspect is the warranty, when you make a modification on the original operating system the warranty will be lost, in this case if we have a full backup software this thing we will help us to don’t lose the warranty. In the following section, I will present the proper guide. Make sure you understanding all the concepts and if you are interested to make a full backup for your actual ROM, during this tutorial you will learn how to install and use the CWM

 Backup and Restore your Android device Using ClockWorkMod Recovery -Tutorial

  •  For installing the ClockWorkMod your device should be rooted, the CWM cannot install on an unrooted device.
  • An important thing, not all smartphones with the Android base OS support the CWM tool, so we recommend before you start to do other modifications verify if your device support the CMW.
  • After rooting your device and checking if is compatible or not with the CWM tool, now go on the Google Play Store and download ROM Manager Application.
  • Now Install the ROM Manager app on your device.
  • Open the Rom Manager
  • Go to select the “flash ClockWorkMod Recovery” option.
  • Select “Backup Current ROM” option and follow the prompts.
  • Once you Reboot the device the backup will be completed.

When something wrong happens on your device, when you made a custom ROM installation, you will be able to make a restore.

  • For make a restore choosing “Manage and Restore Backup” option and only choice the “Restore” option.

Now you have learned how to make a backup and a restore for your current ROM before flashing a custom ROM, or a firmware update on your device with the ClockWorkMod Recovery tool.

This method is only one methods to back up your actual ROM, but exist others methods to make the backups and restore, is important always to make a backup for your entire important files from your device.

I will share you other links to perform a safe backup for your important data stored on your Android smartphone device:



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