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How to Update Samsung Galaxy GIO S5660 with Official Value Pack Gingerbread XXKTL 2.3.6

If you have a Galaxy Gio you can improve its performances. We will teach you how to update for any unlocked Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 device. If you don’t receive the Gingerbread XXKTL 2.3.6 firmware. If you install the Gingerbread XXKTL 2.3.6 on your device, you can restore the warranty for your device.

You should use a custom Recovery Image to make a backup for the current ROM:

For applying this guide you will need:

  • A Computer with an internet connection available.
  •  The original USB cable from your device.
  • Deactivate or uninstall on PC and Gio device the Antivirus protection.
  • Enable the USB debugging option following the path: “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging
  • Install the proper drivers on your PC.
  • Charge the phone battery more than 60% level.

Important: This tutorial is compatible and can be applied only for Samsung Galaxy GIO model number S5660 .

Warning: This post is only for the educational purpose.

How to Manually Update Galaxy Gio with Official Value Pack Gingerbread XXKTL 2.3.6

  1. Download the update file.
  2. Download Odin app.
  3. Save the file, on your PC.
  4. Extract the Odin file and the Update package file on the Computer.
  5. Install the Odin application and after the installation is completed, run it.
  6. Turn off the smartphone.
  7. Reboot the smartphone in download Mode.
  8. When the smartphone is booted in download mode.
  9. When the smartphone is connected, on Odin app the ID:COM become yellow.
  10. On Odin app the “added” message will be displayed.
  11. From Odin select “OPS” to select “GIO_v1.0.ops”.
  12. Select “One Package”.
  13. Search and choice the update file from your PC.
  14. From Odin click on “Start” button.
  15. Now, don’t touch and make any other changes.
  16. When the update installation process is done, on Odin application the “pass” message should be showed.
  17. Unplug the USB cord.
  18. Reboot the Galaxy Gio smartphone.

That’s all, you are done.



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