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How to Boot into Safe Mode Your OnePlus 5 Smartphone

If you are witnessing issues related to overheating in your OnePlus 5 phone, the presence of a third party application might be the cause. Using Android Safe Mode will disable this application and solve the issue. In this post, you will learn how you can boot/reboot your OnePlus 5 into Safe Mode and how to use this dedicated environment on your device.

What is the Safe Mode

The Safe Mode is similar with what you know in terms of safe mode environments and can be accessed independently from the stock Android OS. Through it can fix common issues and decide what other troubleshooting solutions needed to be applied in order to fix the OnePlus 5 Android core system. You can choose to boot your OnePlus 5 into safe mode if you notice a boot loop, screen freeze, bugs, battery drain, signal strength problems, heating situations or total blackouts.

Android Safe Mode isolates the problem and addresses the malfunction caused by unresponsive programs, inappropriate tools, malicious apps or malware. There might be other problems behind certain issues and you might have to use other troubleshooting procedures to fix your Android device. Your OnePlus 5 smartphone might get soft bricked while you are trying to install a new custom ROM firmware or gain root access. In this circumstances booting into safe mode won’t help you. But, you can make a hard reset, clear app data cache or reinstall the stock Android OS.

Entering and using the safe mode environment is an official procedure and can be anytime completed on your Android device. For that, you don’t have to use unsafe apps or methods in order to use the instructions from below.

Entering the Safe Mode on your device is supported by OnePlus and by Google, so you don’t need to be worry because the warranty of your OnePlus 5 smartphone will not be lost. One reason for being worried might be your data, as some wiping procedure might be required to be able to unbrick the OnePlus 5 smartphone.

So before starting this solution, you should make a backup of all your personal data, accounts, info and files. You can save your files using the built-in cloud storage platforms,you can download backup and restore tools from Google Play or sync everything through your Google account.

Entering into safe mode can be completed regardless of the state of your OnePlus 5 smartphone. So you don’t have to worry if your device is rooted, running on custom ROM, installed with a custom recovery image or is powered by a locked bootloader.

Before booting into Safe Mode, charge your smartphone to avoid your OnePlus 5 turns off while you try to address the issues that are causing the breakdown circumstances and make sure the power that’s left is more than 50%.

How to Boot OnePlus 5 into Android Safe Mode

  1. Powered on your OnePlus 5 device.
  2. Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds.
  3. The Power menu should be displayed on your device.
  4. Now, tap and keep tapping on the ‘power off’ option.
  5. You will then should be asked if you want to enter into Android Safe mode.
  6. Agree and wait the reboot process to be completed.
  7. When done, the Safe Mode mark should be shown on bottom left of the screen.
  8. Now, all third party apps will be disabled.
  9. To go back to Android Mode, reboot your OnePlus 5 smartphone.

Now you have learn how to enter Android Safe Mode on your new OnePlus 5. Stay close for further tips and tricks that are compatible with your device.


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