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How to Transfer Everything From Old Smartphone to New One

You have purchased a new phone and you want to transfer everything from your old phone. Though Android has an edge over the popularity over iOS but when it comes to transforming the data, it can be really a painful process. However, it has improved upon this feature recently, but you need to be more alert. Here is how to do it:

Take Stock of Your Data Backup Options

Before you proceed, sign in to your Google account. Move to the Google tab in Settings to make sure. Find the backup settings of your phone in the personal settings. On Pixel and Nexus devices, you can go to  Backup & reset option, but the location varies from phone to phone.

The backup to the Google drive switch will enable installed apps and accompanying data, call history, device settings, calendar entries, contacts, photos and videos, and SMS messages. There is a Back up my data toggle in other phones. If it turns blue means your application data, Wi-Fi passwords, and various phone settings reach at Google servers. This’ll will save from the headache of saving passwords.

You can also see a second toggle known as Automatic restore. It will restore the data and settings if you decide to reinstall a previously deleted app.

Mail, Calendar, and Contacts

This is perhaps one of the more important tasks. Download your favorite app, type in your username and password, and it will be done. Using apps like Newton and Blue Mail will keep many accounts synced with a single login. You should know that even without a proper Google Drive backup, if you make any entry into Calendar of your phone, this’ll automatically appear on your new phone. You can save contacts similarly.

Transferring Photos and Music

Photos are the first thing you would like to transfer from your old to new phone. Google has devised a very good method to achieve this task. This works for all kinds of photos which is the best photo management option. If you have not used that, start using it now. Move to the Settings in the sidebar and tap Backup & sync. Turning blue of the toggle should be ensured. Google allows you to back up as many high-quality photos and it won’t be counted in your Google Drive storage.

For music, you can do it in two ways. If you have subscribed to a streaming service like Spotify, or Apple Music, go to the app in your new phone and sign in,  in order to access  all of your songs.  If you want to achieve this goal, go to the Google Play Music site, sign in with your Google account, and install the Music Manager app on your desktop. Select the source of your music tunes, and the app will do the rest of the work.

That’s how you can transfer your contacts, calendars, music, and other files swiftly. Hope you enjoy the article and keep reading the post.


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