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Charging Problem In Your Android Smartphone, 8 Secret Tips To Fix Like A Pro

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How To Fix The Charging Problem In Your Android Smartphone

You’re frustrated because your Android smartphone battery is not charging properly. It will be wrong to guess that there is a problem in the charger or battery; it can also be due to some other reason. Here are 7 smart ways to fix the charging issue in your smartphone:

Fix the USB port

You can do a little bit of repair work yourself on actual hardware and most of the time it works. Often the metallic surface under USB port and the micro USB charger lose contact because of some reasons. Just shut down your Android device, take out the battery, and lever up the little tab inside the USB port with some pointed toothpick like thing. However, you need to do it gently and carefully.

Clear the dust and candy

It may be that phones charging ports are filled up with chocolate or lint. Just blowing a can of compressed air will clear the irritants and your USB connection may restore to normal.

Switch cables

Cable is the most delicate part of the charger. All types of cables have tough life. Just substituting the random USB cable will help start charging. You can diagnose a faulty cable by trying out different cable with your device. It can help you decipher the real culprit.

Check the adapter

If the cable is ok, check the wall plug adapter. It can be an issue in multiple chargers where USB port becomes quite loose after plugging many times. Find out whether, the device works well with different devices. Ensure the wall socket is functioning well.

Don’t charge your phone near water

Avoid charging in the excessively humid condition. Also avoid overcharging as it can damage your device. It can even lead to battery explosion. If you are planning to replace with third party chargers, make sure it’s of high quality. It should comply with all kind of electrical safety standards.

Change battery

The life of battery is limited. Their efficiency drastically goes down after a couple of years. More often you recharge them, sooner they will lose efficiency. It’s also easy to spot some defective batteries as they bulge out or start leaking fluid. Change the bulging battery soon as it may distort the size of the case.

Always charge from the proper source

Charging from socket is always better than charging from PC or laptop, as these sources may not deliver the power required. An electric socket can provide the twice the amount of power. Don’t use another phone charger. A charger from Bluetooth headset may not provide the right amount of power to your smartphone.

Roll back

Sometimes some software updates can destroy the battery life. Newer device are often well optimized to take advantage of the latest software. Older version phones often struggle with new updates. On the other hand, battery life can be drastically improved in a new update.

If everything else fails to work, find out whether the power point is working or not. Chances are that it may have gone wrong.


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