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How to Check If Your Password Has Been Hacked

Over the years, piracy has become a major concern for people, especially those working heavily on mobile devices. There are many people who get exposed to security risks every day but the biggest mistake they do is that they don’t pay heed to warning signs. They don’t realize that their crucial data is being hacked by unwanted people. Let’s check how you can check if your password has been hacked.

Confirm if you’ve enabled optimum security

If you’re unfortunate, the application you regularly use may have been hacked, and a burglar would then gain reach to the app’s database. Application managers may call you to describe the situation, and if you’re on social media, you can figure out pretty fasterin any case.

If the target is not a business/service, there is a lot depend on you. Have you activated all security settings? For instance, some services rely on a 2-step verification system. The downsides of getting hacked with this feature are reduced, and even if this was to take place, you would be informed. For example, Google, Facebook and Dropbox will forward you a message to let you know that someone has attempted to access your account from a different device.

Check the safety of your password

It is quite clear that not all websites provide a great range of security features. Considering this in mind, it is better to stick to typical security element – a password. If the service is hacked, the eminence of your password will not make a big difference but if you are personally targeted, it is very much true to choose a safe password.

So how can you confirm that your password is fully secured? You’ve possibly come to know that a secure password must include a combination of numbers, letters and special characters. The issue is that machines that try to find out your password are also aware of this, so by enabling a mix of these characters, you’re not essentially making the account hard to hack; you’re only making it more difficult because they’ll have to test a greater number of combinations that include numbers and special characters.

Look for the symptoms

There are high chances that you may not realize that your account has been hacked. In general, it’s lessclear because if someone has tried to access your account details, they probably plan to do something with it. Either they’ll use your account straight away, for example change your password, purchase things from your account or send spoof mail to your contacts, or they’ll use it indirectly to fix other information they get in your account.

Check online if you’ve been hacked

There are many useful websites on web that can easily tell you if your security has been breached. You just have to type in your email address, and these websites will tell you whether or not someone knows your password.

If you’ve ever faced hacking issues with your account, do let us know your good and bad experiences by posting in the comment


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