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Google Maps, the Travel Guide: Here Are the Inside Tricks

Whether it is to make daily commute to office or exploring a new location in a different region, Google Maps emerges out as the most sought-after navigation assistance for almost everyone. With its extensive coverage and ease of use, the app has become a must-have app for people. Let’s take a look at a few tips that would enhance your experience of Google Maps like nothing else.

Shorter lines for attractions

You really want to visit the Empire State Building and MoMA? To prevent waiting for two hours and probably not even getting the entry, you can choose to find out the lines via Google Maps that are at their shortest. Google relentlessly registers the number of people in a given area and presents this into insightful data for its users. Employ it!

Arrival countdown for your friends

Visiting a friend? You can play smart by letting them know when approximately you’ll be there, in a magnificent way. Rather than calling, or risking being called behind the wheel, Google Maps will take over the task of keeping your friend updated.

Just press on the left over time at the bottom of the navigation display. Then tap on ‘Share trip’. Choose a user from your address book or via telephone number or email address. This friend can now choose to track your position and check when you’ll arrive.

If you encounter heavy traffic in between, Google Maps will automatically try to find an alternate route.

Share your route with friends

If you’re planning a trip with your friends, you can use Google Maps to share the best route with them. Maps have the power to build a plan on a smartphone or computer, including all midway destinations. You can choose to send that plan between devices, or share it among your friends.

Tap ‘Add stop’ next to the input bar to include more cities or addresses, or modify the destination altogether. Then choose ‘Share Directions’, select the app and send the link to your friends.

Share the list of places you’ve been

A journey is always a fascinating experience and it becomes more stimulating when you share your experiences with others. With Google Maps, you can put the places into lists and display them to friends. Your friends will be grateful when they see that you’ve already sought out the best bars and restaurants for them.

To retrieve the lists you need to navigate to the Main Menu > Your Places > Saved. Once you choose a list, tap either the share symbol or ‘Sharing options’ from the menu. The first option is to share the link to the list via app, and the second issues the list in such a way that it’s theoretically visible on Google searches.

Fix the compass

Google Maps sometimes disremembers the way it is directed towards. If you notice a blue funnel replacing the normal compass needle, and once again pointing the wrong direction, only a roller coaster ride will help. This sounds weird, and looks it too, but you need to draw figures of eight in the air with your phone until the Maps assistant corrects itself. This might infrequently take a minute, but truly works.


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