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‘Chrome Home’ Flag Hidden In Chrome Dev/Canary

It is a common practice in the world of large phones to move them at the bottom of the large phones. This is why, a new flag in Chrome Dev and Canary, often described as ‘Chrome Home’ has moved Chrome address bar at the bottom of the screen after it is enabled.

The process seems unfinished where the address bar occupied at the top of the screen remains completely blank. This reminds of the windows 10 mobile edge browser in which the navigation bar is present at the bottom.

The name is , however, Chrome Home is bit puzzling. It does not indicate about the address bar and is just part of the greater feature.  But you can enable it in the Chrome Dev and Canary by pasting chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-home into Chrome, by tapping the highlighted select menu, and when the tapping is enabled, and restarting the browser.

It is yet to be known how the users react to these changes.


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