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Walmart “Accidentally” Puts Google Home On Store Shelves Early

Walmart Inc. has a stellar reputation for selling things before the street date and it was very much evident in the case of Xiaomi Mi Box. This time Google Home product reached to one of the shelves of Walmart much before its due date of launch. Probably it’s due to accident.

Though Google Home was not supposed to hit the shelves till 4th November. Many other retailers had Google Home in their inventory, but they had not been put on shelves. It’s priced $129. Walmart representative refused to sell the device to tipster. You may checkout in some other store and may be a less informed representative could sell you.

Google home is another device after Pixel that will have Google Assistant artificial intelligence tool. You can use this to get relevant information from the web. It will also have tie-ins with various smart home platforms  such as Nest and SmartThings. You just need to order from voice.



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