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Download Android Apps for Architects and Interior Designers

Android is undoubtedly a phenomenon that grows exponentially from one day to another and getting to be more and more present in our lives. Thus, when it comes to operating systems for mobile devices, there are impressive figures showing that Google has really hit with. I wonder how the world would look today without Android? Google’s OS, Android, is increasingly appreciated by global owners of mobile phones. Some main reasons why there are now a lot of Android users is the large number of free and modest cost applications that can be downloaded from the marketplace, and because Android has also its place on affordable devices, not just high-end smartphones.

Given the high number of applications currently available in Google Play, over 450,000, it’s often quite hard to find exactly what you want at a particular time. So, today I’ve made a short list with some useful Android apps designed to support and inspire architects and design professionals, but also everyone who wants to decorate their home, but don’t like to walk through stores in searching for chairs, curtains, kitchen furniture and so on. Free or not, these interior design applications are very interesting and fully functional, containing lot of beautiful photos with various brilliant ideas, tips, suggestions for your home improvement. They are several types of Android apps for interior design depending on what you need: applications which include only gorgeous pictures’ collections like an album without too many functions, color suggestion and color management tools, measurement and pricing tools, applications based on tones of video lessons, or applications packed with both provoking interior design photos and information on how to actually do the projects. Note that some of them only display adds.
Read on to find out more and share with us using our comment section, which Android apps for interior design do you use for your inspiration

  • AutoCAD WS

The application is developed by Autodesk, Inc. and is a much more simple version for Android users of the well known computer software so useful for both architects and designers. Although it it does not have as many features, AutoCAD WS is exactly what you need to do on your smartphone. The mobile app allows you to open and view 2D and 3D DWG drawings, make any modification you want on them (select, move, rotate, scale objects, save) and even share the files directly from it via email, Bluetooth, WiFi and any other sharing application, add comments, print remotely and plot them in the end. It’s free.

 download AutoCAD WS for android

  • Design Dimensions

What architect or designer doesn’t need pictured items with precise measurements and information? We believe this app is really handy when it comes to planning projects whether they are with limited amount of space or not. It gives you a quick general size references from a visual 3D database with a great deal of designs, so it’s impossible not to find something that might help you. The illustrated items are shown in alphabetical order, with their dimensions in feet and inches, allowing you to convert them to metric with a simple click of a button. Can you ask for more simple than that? It’s free.

download Design Dimensions for Android

  • My Measures and Dimensions

 One of the best mobile apps, My Measures and Dimensions is a must for all persons who deal with technical fact and figures such as engineers, architects, construction workers and agents. Its features are storing and sharing object dimensions, so you imagine how awesome it this app when your’re in a store and need to know your home’s facts. It saves you from needless return trips, which is great. All you have to do is to take a picture of the furniture item or room which dimensions you want to find out, add dimensions, store them into your phone and share them. Price: $4

download My Measures and Dimensions

  • 3D Interior Room Design

Designed to help you decide how should look like the wall design of your room, 3D Interior Room Design app is very entertaining, creating 3D animated rooms, unfortunately without furniture for the moment, and you can bring them to life by customizing them with everything you want from colors, baseboard moldings, doors, windows, changing the walls to brick, wallpaper, pictures, wall panels, to fireplaces, rugs and curtains. Available for a price of $4.99.

 download 3D Interior Room Design

  • Real Colors

This add provides an easy tool using the most advanced technology, which generates harmonious color palettes to match the real ones you like. It’s great for creative people all over the world and it’s a designer’s must (web designers, interior designers, fashion designers, etc), because it really does a fantastic work. You’ll surely love it when you’ll see what it can do: automatically generate color schemes and color spectrum from photos you take, using a unique algorithm and color theory rules (complementary, monochromatic, analogous, shades, triad, tetrad and split complementary). Then, it offers detailed information about the colors (HEX, RGB, HSB) and gives you the possibility of saving the color palettes in a library, easily editing, sharing the most beautiful of them or creating appealing wallpapers with your favourite ones. Now you can use Picasa images to generate color palettes.

Download Real Colors for Android


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