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Judge orders Apple to reveal full HTC patent deal to Samsung

Not so long ago, Apple has won a patent suit against HTC that will probably bring the Cupertino company a plus of $180-$280 million in early revenue. This is not news. Last Friday Samsung has  joined the party and filed a court request demanding Apple to unveil the patent settlement with HTC. The Android based giant thinks that knowing the exact terms under which Apple and HTC have settled could prove very useful in its current lawsuit involving the iPad and the iPad mini.

The Cupertino Company agreed for Samsung to ” take a peep” at the pact of the enormous document – around 33 words in total. But starting with last night, backed by a judge’s decision Samsung will be granted full access to the entire settlement document.

The guys at The Verge have managed to put their hands on an excerpt of the judge’s decision:

“Accordingly, Samsung’s motion to compel production of a unredacted version of the settlement agreement is GRANTED. Apple shall produce the unredacted document without delay subject to an Attorneys-Eyes-Only designation under the protective order already in place in this case.”

Well done Samsung! Although a small victory for the Samsung’s legal team it could be of real help in its efforts to appeal the verdict announced to the public back in August. Seems like Samsung is not looking so forward to bless Apple accounts with $1 more billion. Who would have thought?

Much controversy followed after Apple settled with HTC on their patent lawsuit last Saturday. According to different analysts, HTC will have to pay Apple $6 to $8 for each handset sold although HTC did not provide details regarding the matter and categorically denied the claim.

The curious will probably have to take their minds of the exact terms of the deal as they won’t be available for the public anytime soon. The document which was recently shared with Samsung has a “Attorneys-Eyes-Only” designation meaning that even high-ranking Samsung officers will be probably left blind.


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