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While it is apparent that most of the Android devices come with basic file manager application built within, but most of the users strive to get better file manager within their device that offers them full control over their files, Medias, storage and images in a professional and easy to user interface. Now the problem lies in the fact that if your search the Google Play Store for File Manager applications, you will find hundreds of such applications available that are specially designed to help the device user manage and organize their files in a better way.

Choosing the best application that is actually functional becomes difficult in such cases. Here is a quick review of the best file Manager Application called as File Manager (Explorer) for Android. The File Manager is a remarkable and easy to use application that is complemented by numerous functions and features.

File Manager (Explorer) has been developed by Clean Master Team bringing a fully featured File Management Tool. This file management application has been specially designed for Android devices allowing the user to work on files just like the popular file manager that work on your computers. The application supports the basic file management functions like searching, sorting, pasting, deleting, copying, decompressing, etc.

The application also ropes in multiple protocols as well. This app works seamlessly with WebDav, FTPS, FTP, SFTP, LAN/SMB stream media formats among others. You can additionally manage local files, remote file systems from cloud and others without even downloading the files on your device.

The File Manager app also manages Cloud System files from platforms like SkyDrive, Sugar Sync, Google Drive, DropBox, or Box. You will be needed to set up your account on the systems and login with the account. You can then have full access to your files using the easy to use interface, switching, downloading and transferring the local as well as cloud files as per your needs.

Some other interesting features in the File Manager app include the WiFi file transfer facility allowing you to use your computers and wirelessly edit your files using the FTP protocol. You also have the possibility to extract and decompress your APK files from the already installed applications.

Another convenience that FM bring is the ability to view various files by their types like audio, video, recent, by date, download by as single tap from the home screen of the application. The file manager is available in the following countries:

Arabic, Bahasa Indonesian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish (country name cannot be changed).

You can download the File Manager Explorer APK version 2.2.0 for Android via the Google Play Store and the app is compatible with all the devices, smartphones, tablets that are powered by version Android 2.3 or higher.


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