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Car Rental Booking, New Photo Gallery Viewer and a lot more with new Google Maps

Google Maps for Android

The latest version of Google Maps for Android app is something we all have been waiting for long. Though it does came with subtle changes and small enhancement like uploading location of images you have visited, yet there are several features that are pretty good, pleasant and bring new fresh life to the app. The top three enhancements include Car rental booking, New photo Gallery look and enhanced settings.

Google Maps version 9.10 APK file is available in the store for free download and you can upgrade it on your device.

Offering the possibility of uploading images and pictures of a location that you have directly visited via the application’s main interface, the upgraded version of Google Maps brings to the user a convenience of viewing multiple images directly in one go. Moreover, when you will navigate to some pages searching for a location having multiple images, you can tap on the icon for a shortcut that will lead to the first image on the list. Another significant change is that you can now seamlessly swipe from start to the end of the list.

Additionally, the latest version of the Goole Maps can see the gallery of images with each of the image being organized and fitted into smart view mode. Tapping on the photo will take you to the old viewers and the design of the view sheet has also been changed.

The new update brings the convenience by deleting the overflow menu and two important features – Add Photos and Report Inappropriate Photos are moved directly to the primary screen in the form of 2 buttons.

The update is currently rolled out to certain selected countries and most of the pages have got spatial redesigning. The new button list will add to a count of ratings and reviews straight forward to the left of the screen and the right part of screen featuring the images.

According to Google, the Views services will soon be closed and a neatly organized system is being designed to share Google Map images. This way, the app will offer more comfortable and reliable services, verifying all the published images by users and powering them to delete the images when they want. The new Photos button will take you to the Gallery to share images.

Among the new features, the best one is Car Rental Booking which has come out as an update and provides easier search for cars and flights or hotels. The users can easily rent a car through the app. The functionality of the app remains just like any other car rental booking services, giving you insight to nearby located cabs and car. You can easily track the time, type of car, crucial details and confirmation number of the car.

A new setting has also been added by Google. Called as – Show Scale on Map, the new feature brings two options, primary to allow you to scale up the images by zooming in and out. The zoom in and out persists after few seconds of usage and the second feature is that you can see the scale visible 100% of the time which rests permanently on the screen.

Last, Google Maps v 9.10.0 also offers the feature to ‘Shake to send feedback’ checkbox unchecked by default. If you desire to keep it turned on then you need to check it once the new version is installed on your device.

The upgrade for Google Maps v 9.10.0 can be made via Google Play Store and this app is fully compatible with Android devices of version 4.3 and above. Keep in mind that in case you are not able to get the new version of the Google Maps Application in the store for download, then it might not be available for your country.

The download procedure remains the same. You have to download the APK file, tap over it, follow the installation guide instructions and you are done!


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