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Latest GO SMS Pro APK for Android available for Download – For a much better SMS/MMS experience

Perfectly replaces the SMS system

Today we will present you a new messaging app for Android device. This new application is named GO SMS, and it represents one of the most popular messaging application. I said that this app is part of the most popular messaging applications because it’is  powerful, funny, safe and has a lot of new features.

The GO SMS PRO is a free application and it provides us an elegant and customizable UI and a lot of SMS features such as scheduling functions, folder management organization, sending files using WI-FI. A big advantage is that this app has a little memory usage.

GO SMS Pro app improves greatly the official application for messages that your Android   system is using by default, with features you would want to use for texting.

It supports SMS/MMS, plus GO Chat and Walkie Talkie features. With Full SMS and MMS support, and GO Share service, you can use the Go SMS app for sending different files through 2G/3G/4G or WIFi and SMS connection.  Also, you can back up all your text messages to micro SD, to emails, or to cloud systems like Dropbox. The backup and restore function allow you to take a full backup for your SMS and after that, in case you delete or wipe your Android device, you can use this feature to restore them.

Also, the GO SMS Pro brings a cool plug-in for your Facebook Chat. One of the nicest feature about GO SMS is its interface; the UI is very customizable and offers an incorporate transmission via gestures. It features many transition effects and it also comes with the night mode characteristic integrated on it.

It is a full customizable look application, which support many beautiful customed themes, DIY theme, Theme Market plug-in. It also supports list style and font change.

It comes with Private box capability, Schedule SMS, Batch modes, quick reply feature with pop-up notification, private mode feature.

The GO SMS Pro application supports lock by a thread and security lock feature; it has Blacklist feature and with this function you can choose with what people to chat or not or you can easily block the person’s access to you.

More over, when you want to add a photo for your contacts, then you can use its Facebook contact photo support. Other feature that I consider important and GO SMS Pro provide us, it is the Notification feature with privacy mode and reminder for our notifications.

So, to sum up the main features which the GO SMS Pro brings:

  • Beautiful User Interface

  • Popup on launcher for new messages

  • Quick view and reply capability (Theme Store – GO Popup).

  • Free IM message with GO Chat free with a lot of options such as group chat, voice talk, graffiti, handwritten and others.

  • Go Share feature which allow you to share/send files with your friend with just a one touch action.

  • Privacy, Cloud backup for your SMS, hide SMS feature, schedule SMS,SMS blocker, Keywords research feature, etc.

I will let you discover all the features that this app have for a better SMS text experience with this great GO SMS Pro application for Android.

Also, you can download the latest GO SMS Pro version from Google Play Store using this link; or you can download the APK version for GO SMS Pro Android app.

Download GO SMS PRO APK for Android devices from here.


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