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Download Google Play Store 5.1.11 APK with Full-Height Navigation Drawer , Dedicated “My Account Page” and More

Google Play Store APK 5.1.11

Feature Loaded Google Play Store APK 5.1.11 is Right Next to You

Google Play Store- the most amazing and favourite storehouse of fascinating and innovative applications for android users is on the threshold of receiving a brand new update. The forthcoming update is associated in the formal Google Plus webpage belonging to Kirill Grouchnikov- the reputed Android engineer.

So, if onewishes to feel the brand new and innovative design and strategy and all othereye catching features, one needs to download the new version of APK of Google Play Store and choose the Install option for successful fitting. Post the installation; the users will receive new recapitulation loaded with lots of changes in terms of font, icons, menu and overall look and feel. Users will be able to see and experience the new logo, modern Material design, graphics and sophisticated aesthetics.

The Google’s APK 5.1.11 of the Play Store is available with deviations likefull-fledged and wide navigation bar with scroll option, widget section graphic, actual time card shadow on Android 5.0 Lollipop OS, jerks to scrolling and other illustrations in My Apps web page and new My Account web page with command history.

Fascinating and innovative animations visuals for various application’s componentslike Slide Out menu are now presented on the application itself. Moreover, the Whats New segment accepts an exaltation from the former form, as now all apprises and newest functionalities are now shown on the top to users.

Users using Android L Preview, custom ROM firmware or ROM ports based devices will be deprived of the Google Play Store APK 5.1.11 as the same is attuned with such devices.


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