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Get the latest Google Play Store 5.5.11 apk file for Android

Google Play is one of the most downloaded and highly useful Android applications which can be easily termed as the lifeline for the platform. The application provides a marketplace to download new and other interactive apps in your Android device. These applications might be free or paid, depending upon the developer.

The good news is that the application has received a new update, called to be as version 5.5.11. If you are interested to know from where and how you can download the latest Google Play Store version in its APK file format then read here.

The update has been released especially to add few modifications like Wearable sensors, Material Design, Details Page, Activity data, Enterprise app support and others. Additionally, the new version – Google Play Store 5 also comes with integrates material designs for the Google Play News Stand. There is Google+ update supported with additional graphical elements, new app icon for the new store app, and a flattering look that keeps up with Material Design look.

The update Play Store application can instantly reorganize the changes in animation. For example, if the user is accessing a slide out drawer menu, the app will change in the iconography.

Moreover, the version has been complemented with ‘What’s New’ section being moved to the top of the User Interface and will be highlighted with Green color. Apparently, it has been that the version will be available for some of the users and some other Android owners will need to wait for the release in their area. Whether you want it today, or can wait, you have to hit the APK file from the Google Play Store 5.5.11 from the link given here.

You can download Google Play Store 5.5.11 APK from this link

Note: If the new version of Google Play Store 5.5.11 downloaded from here keeps on crashing while installation then you need to reinstall the older version of the application.


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