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How to Update International HTC One Max LTE with Official Lollipop 4.12.709.2 Firmware

Updates for Global Version of HTC One Max LTE

The new Universal form of HTC One Max LTE can be easily upgraded with the up-to-the-minute stock Android 5.0 Lollipop update index number 4.12.709.2. The firmware is not formal only a portion is released and made obtainable for Android Operating Systems. Moreover, the ROM is not available in RUU version, but by using an android gridlock it can be fixed through TWRP retrieval tool. It is not about a tailored ROM but a stock Android Lollipop OS 4.12.709.2 version which can be securely flashed on the International HTC One Max LTE.


  • • Installation of custom recovery image is a must.
  • • As the process is not so formal, one must use well-suited and committed processes; to avoid unnecessary hassles.
  • • Once the root access and the connection of recovery image are accomplished, a gridlock imperative. As one possibly know that while informing the HTC One Max device, all the data might get despoiled, or a hard core reset may be required.
  • • So guarantee that, all the essential and private info to be kept in true hands and for this get a safe hold-up by using appropriate submissions from Google Play Store. For back-up the data one should save the call logs, contacts, market apps, internet formats, videos, images, audio files, and the existing ROM. If the consumer does not like the new update; he can easily reinstall the same.
  • • A non automated connexion procedure encompasses the use of PC, the HTC One Max (Universal version) device and the relevant USB cable.
  • • On the PC one needs to transfer the new Lollipop firmware package and then have to launch a whole linking between the smartphone and the PC.
  • • One must make sure that the HTC One Max device have more than 65 % power capacity in hand before scheduling any other functions. The new Android 5.1 Lollipop an android support offered here is completely well-matched only with the Global version of HTC One Max LTE handset.

Process of Update

1. The first task is to update the new Android Lollipop firmware new package.
2. The content of the downloaded file needs to be extracted in the PC
3. With USB cable; link the android device in the PC.

  • Shift the TWRP backup folder inside the same folder of the device
  • Detach the USB cable when done and also switch off the device
  • Arrive at the recovery mode on the HTC One Max device and select restore option
  • Surf the folder from where one can load the android holdup and once done select “Swipe to restore” option.
  • Once the restore process is complete; allow the device to reboot automatically

If the handset while arriving into boot circlet returns to recovery mode; the process is to achieve a hard core reset by clicking “wipe data factory reset” and clear cache by selecting “wipe cache partition”.


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