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Download Kingsoft Office version 5.7 apk for Android

Kingsoft Office version 5.7 apk for Android available for Download

A new version of Kingsoft Office app for Android is now available for download for all owners of Android-based devices, this latest version is named Kingsoft Office version 5.7.

Following the new release, users will be able to opening and editing documents from SkyDrive, but the shared documents are not included.

Additionally, the update app brings with some bug fixes such as the prediction compatible issue with SwiftKey keyboard.

There are in total 26 feature updates including  added 6 kinds of heading styles, Hide/Show rows, columns and grid lines, Supported for setting bullets and numbers.

Moreover, the new iteration of Kingsoft Office version 5.7 brings with the supported external keyboard shortcuts: End, Home, Ctrl+End and Ctrl+Home and Supported for inserting Scatter, Radar and other 29 kinds of charts.

Kingsoft Office for Android is a professional office application for Android, and it allows you enjoy true office mobile experience. With this application, you can create, view, edit or share Microsoft Office documents.

The Kingsoft Office for Android is integrated with E-mail services and application, so with it you can easily view, edit and send different attached documents everywhere you want.

Moreover, Kingsoft Office is rich-featured application. With it,  you can perform numerous text format tasks as set text style, size, color, boldness, italics, underline styles, text highlighting and more.

The main advantage when you’ll use the Kingsoft Office for Android is that, it takes up minimal space and resources to run into your Android device, and in additional it runs fastly and efficiently. The latest version of Kingsoft Office app for Android can be downloaded from Google Play Store via this link or you can download the apk file from below:

Download Kingsoft Office version 5.7 apk for Android

Please use our comment section and let us know your impressions after you’ll download, install and test the latest Kingsoft Office version 5.7 for Android devices.




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