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Download Latest Chrome APK Browser for Android

chrome web browser for Android

If you’re searching a browser fast, then today you can download and install latest Chrome for Android apk web browser.  With Chrome for Android, you can search and browse fast on the internet directly on your Android smartphone or Android tablet.

Chrome permit to sing in to synchronize all your personalized customization from your computer for use anywhere you will go.

When the developers talk about search fast then, you need know you can search and navigate  fast directly from the same box, and you can choose from the suggest results that are displayed as you type.

With Chrome for Android you can browse faster because has a feature which accelerate the page loading, after the results are displayed you can scrolling and zooming. With a simple and intuitive UI you can open and make the switch between an unlimited numbers of tabs.

A powerful feature is that the sing in to Chrome, this feature allow you to sync your open tabs, bookmarks and omnibox data from other devices like desktop or tablet, you can send pages chrome on your phone, tablet or computer, and you can read them even when you’re offline.

Chrome comes with a great privacy; you can browse privately in incognito mode.

Above we present you the advantages which Chrome for Android has, but it has some disadvantages, like no Flash Player supportbecause Adobe has stopped the flash support. No extensions support and supports only ICS 4.0 laden Devices.

Below you can find the link to download Chrome web browser for your Android phone or tablet. Do let us know if the Chrome is working for you, using our comment section.

Download Chrome for Android (APK) v 18.0.1025469 

Download Chrome for Android from Google PLAY Store


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