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Download Rock PLAYER 2 APK for Android Devices

download Rock Player 2

If you want to use on a player for playing all your videos and music files, then on this section, you can download and install Rock PLAYER 2 apk version. This new 2nd generation application has the ability to playing almost all media (video and audio) formats. The formats which this app can playing are:  for video you can play: mkv, mov, mp4, avi, ts, mpg, wmv, divx, rmvb, flv and other; for music you can playing: mp3, aac, wma; for lossless audio files: ape, wav, aiff, flac: and for subtitle files, the Rock PLAYER 2 can automaticly load if the srt has the same name of video file exist the srt file. The Rock Player Share feature permit exchange files between many smartphones and and tablet over WI-Fi and can share to any Rockplayer2 user (Android or iOS). The Rock Player2 app has a beautiful UI  which is the perfect successor of the previous version 1st Generation Rock Player, we want thanks to XDA developer changeworld who share with us this app and for his great work.  There you’ll see the FreeSeek –progress bar reinvented which is designed especially for touch screen where the whole progress bar is total draggable, for an easy access even holding by a single hand.

When we try to access the control bar, there we will find a perfect customizable play control bar with long press customization task to choose your favorite buttons and 15 buttons available for all kinds of functions. In the trend of Gesture control, you can easy using two fingers, tap to pause playback and to control the volume level with one finger. The brightness is fully controllable with one finger only tap the right side, and there you can control the brightness, also in this new UI you can easy control the Fast forward, Show/Hide control bar, Show/Hide control buttons only with one or two fingers.
Media file management, Network Steaming and Tv Suport are powerful  features, which you can take in your attention, when using the Rock PLAYER 2 apk version.

Media file management allow you to create new folders, move, rename, delete or add playlists. With this feature you can easy to hide videos by shaking when items are selected, you can easily tap pencil icons at the left top corner.

Network Steaming features allows you to build-in UPnP client and this feature support multiple protocols like HTTP, RTSP or HLS. In trend of TV support,  the Rock PLAYER 2 has a power features which is HDMI mirroring support.

Firstly you need to download the apk file from the below link, and also you can download from the Google Play store from here. Rock PLAYER 2 is a free app, on this moment has around 100,000 (download) and Installs, but but this number grows increasingly more and more.

For more information and videos about Rock PLAYER 2, you can visit the application website and of course the latest updates.


If you download the Rock Player apk version, then you should place the same in your Android device and then open this app for installing.

Please share with us your experience with this application or if you meet any trouble, don’t hesitate to share wit us or with other readers.




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