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Download WhatsApp New Version 2.12.166 (450550) APK for Android

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Here Comes the New Version of WhatsApp with Mind-Boggling Features

The most popular and imperative messenger-WhatsApp allows one to chart, share videos, images and voice messages with each other all over the world. The messenger is loaded with features and gets updated now and then for feature enhancement and functional abilities. The new recapitulation of WhatsApp is available commerciallyin a size of 20.83 MB, roughly 13 KB lesser as compared to its prior variety. The basic Android version desired is Android 2.1+ (Eclair, API 7) and the release date is July 3, 2015, at 4:21 am.

The new version has the abilities of bug resolutions connected to the distribution ethnic emoji, fewenhancement and functionaloptimisation and upgradation.The Android Operating System is the seamlesssite for the WhatsApp’s designers to augment additional and new attributes for themessenger to upturn and intensify the volume of users. To keep this going smooth, developers are constantly researching and developing new features that may appeal users of all profiles and genres.

The new version of WhatsApp looks interesting with some amazing features like adding a new icon in png format, segmented into 4 sections namely ill, success, restore and checkmark. The version has also deleted revised almost 354 files, obliterated 12 and assimilated close to 4 new ones. Though the earlier version of the messenger was updated with 209 altered files, 32 erased ones and close to 6 brand new files. Furthermore, this brand new variety of WhatsApp incorporated actions to embrace the Google Drive attribute and is available with certainerror fixes correlated to the cultural emoji.

With this updated and enhancedform of WhatsApp, the voice chat and callingfunctionoffers amodifiedprecisionand the consumersno morestay grumpy about the class of the connection, disruptions, deferments or other network bugs. Regrettably, the data usage is the same and demands steep charges. To download and install the latest version; WhatsApp Apk v2.12.166 (450550); one must the option of Unknown Source, found on the setting menu bar of the device. The consumer must be aware that the WhatsApp work in 3G, 4G and Wifi.


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