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Exclusive: Swipe Fingerprint Scanner To Open Notification Shade Gesture Coming On New Nexus Phones

The rumour is round in the air that Google is planning to introduce a new gesture to open the notification shade with the help of fingerprints on Nexus phones. The phone is slated to be released by next year. A leading Android news portal, Anrdroid Police, has leaked the animation setting tip about how the feature will work.

It is, however, unclear how the feature will be incorporated in the Nexus 5X and 6P devices. This is not an extraordinary feature as a few other phones such as Huawei has developed such phones. But Google is now planning to add this feature in the Nexus series phones is a welcome development for its users. To use it you just need to swipe down the scanner and the notification tray will descend.



So the process is not very much complicated. The website seems to be confident about the quality of the information and it has given the information a high confidence rating. However, any information can be eliminated due to variety of reasons. However, it’s  unsure that this feature will be launched on the 5X or 6P.


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