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Use Android Pay with Xposed Without Rebooting with Magisk

Android, despite its popularity, has many contradictions. On the one hand, it is gravitating towards Android Pay that enables you to make payments with mobile without the use of wallet. Modifications like Xposed and the ability for elevated SU permissions allows for a huge degree of customization. You needed to to stay completely stock and unrooted. After that, different seamless variants of SuperSU and Xposed came that provided users ability to use Android Pay  after Xposed is disabled and rebooted. This at least offers some degree of compatibility from the level of zero compatibility.

A well-known contributor topjohnwu, a member of the unofficial systemless Xposed modification, has created Magisk — a universal systemless interface.

Magisk Is A Magic Mask to Alter System Systemless-ly.

Magisk  offers a lot of potential. It removes the complexity involved in the process. It taps into potential of making seamless modifications.  It has a few features that extends beyond Android Pay compatibility. “For example, one of them is Magic Mount that allows to replace files in the system. Which  opens up the possibilities for all existing Xposed mods to work systemless-ly.”, according to

Aamir Siddiqui, a renowned XDA-Forum member. Magisk provides a multiple entry points for scripts to run while boot process. However, to install Magisk, the developer recommends a 100% stock system and then you need to flash Magisk.



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