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Facebook Releases Messenger Lite, A Trimmed Version Of Messenger For Emerging Markets [Download APK]

More than 0ne year has passed of the launch of Facebook Lite and the response has been good so far. It consumes much less data compared to the standard version. Facebook has now launched a messenger app for those countries where data reach is not that good. This allows them to use the small amount of storage.

Messenger Lite is completely inter-operable with the regular Messenger. Facebook hopes to make it to the level of WhatsApp which consumes much less data than the Messenger. It will target those users who are not connected from WhatsApp. The app size is of 10 MB and offers all features text, photo and video messaging.

Facebook writes in its blog: “With Messenger Lite, more people can stay in contact, regardless of network conditions or storage limitations on their Android devices. Messenger Lite was built to give people a great Messenger experience, no matter what technology they use or have access to.”

The strategy of Facebook is to get much more people as possible in older technology people such as Kenya, Malaysia,Tunisia, Sri Lanka, and Venezuela starting from today.  It will not be available on Google Play widely, but can be sideloaded via APK. With this launch Facebook aims to reach to 5 Billion more people in developing countries where it has a stiff competition from WeChat. Messenger Lite has just appeared on Google Play, and you can download it via APK Mirror.


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