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Facebook Rolls Out Group Calling Feature

Facebook’s has been rolling out one after other in every area. The latest improvement has been in Facebook messenger. It has added a group calling feature on both iOS and Android and its global rollout is already coming out. The update on web app will start sometime in feature.

In the group calling feature, a user will need to tap the phone icon bar and it will lead to dialogue through which you can start a group call. It is not clear how many people can actually make a joint call. This feature is only limited for voice calling.

The best thing about this feature is that with this feature Skype will become even more redundant. However, considering its powerful feature, it may replace Skype altogether.
However, Facebook Messenger has not group video chat. For that you will need to use Skype or Google Hangout. But it may launch group video chat feature sometime in near future to remain competitive.

Facebook Messenger has 900 million monthly active users and if it has to retain its users then it must have to introduce this feature.

Facebook Messenger has recently added a hidden basketball game. You just need to send a basketball emoji to activate this game. After that you can play this game. Chatbots is another major feature that Facebook integrated into it.


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