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How to Fix a Water Damaged Phone

Seeing your favorite android mobile phone wet in water is not a good experience, especially if your phone is not water resistant. Most often, smartphones become useless when water permeates inside the phone. What will you do when it’s late to do anything? Fixing a water damaged phone is much like a lower probability tasks, however you can still give it a try.

Make Sure It’s Off

If your smartphone has fallen in water, ensure it’s not in the active position as the longer it remains in contact with water, the difficult it will be for you to recover from damage. Shut it off quickly and take its battery out and put  in a safe place  such as on a flat surface. You should take the following precautions:

  1. Avoid starting the phone or charging the phone.
  2. Don’t press any key.
  3. Never try to shake or blow the device as water can go deep inside other areas of the phone.
  4. Avoid applying heat on the phone.

Put Different Parts Apart

You should not confuse this step with taking the whole darn phone apart. Separate every part which you can possibly separate. For example, take it off the back cover. Remove the battery and Sim card, and also the SD card. Put it all on the paper towel.

First of all dry the exterior with paper towel or some dry cloth. Remove all excess water which is found in the exterior part of the phone. Try to dry out every visible component. Do it gently as there is a risk of water moving deeper inside the phone.

Drying Internal Parts

Taking the help of a vacuum cleaner would be a good idea as paper towel has its limitations. It can help you suck some amount of water without further damaging the phone, just ensure that suctioning doesn’t make the phone shake excessively.

Now there is still a good chance that water is still in the phone in the circuitry. Put the phone on top of the counter or in a drawer. The idea is that you should put it in an environment which sucks out humidity. A very common practice has been to put the phone in a Ziploc bag full of rice for some time as rice grains are very good at sucking the humidity.

Using a Hair Dryer

You can also use a hair dryer indirectly to remove any excess humidity. Put a paper towel on the smartphone and gently apply the hair dryer. Don’t apply it more than 10-15 seconds at a time and from at a distance. Applying it for a prolonged period from closely can damage your phone. Though many people warn it and they are not wrong. You need to be extra vigilant.

Use Silica Gel Pack

You can use a silica gel pack to absorb extra humidity. It is seven times more effective at drying moisture than rice is.  Though, the claim is not tested, but you can try it out.

Final Task

You have done all things that you should have done. If you are lucky, your efforts will bear fruit. Now plug the phone and start it charging. Look out for any odd behavior. If you’re lucky, it will start as it used to be. If not, it’s time to accept the defeat.


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