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Google Assistant: 5 Killer New Features You Should Be Using

The introduction of voice features in Android is nothing new to the world. However, when Google Assistant was launched on the Pixel in October 2016, things got quite evident. Today, Assistant is available on a majority of device and Google came up with new features in a bid to enhance the overall experience for the user. Many people have missed these updates due to lack of focus. Let’s look at these killer new features that would help make the most out of Google Assistant.

Explore Menu

Google has managed to conceal all of Assistant’s features in a string of mysterious, submerged menus. Now, there is a more logical way to find out what kind of great stuff you can do with Assistant in the Explore menu.

To get the menu, run Assistant and tap the blue drawer icon in the upper right corner. Here, you can check all the services provided by Assistant across various into categories such as Social & Communication, Education & Reference, Games & Fun, and more. Each tile redirects to dedicated section where you can check sample commands and link your account.

Typing to Assistant

Google Assistant made its first appearance in the Allo app, and in that recapitulation, you can enter text to “chat” with the Google’s bot. But the more effective fine-tuned phone version of Assistant started its journey with only voice input. That’s quite understandable when you’re in a situation where you can talk to your phone, but voice dictation isn’t always perfect. Anyway, thanks to the recent update, you can now type your questions and commands easily.

Editable History

Google Assistant is meant to deliver a transitory experience—whatever you told to Assistant would be lost to the ether as soon as you get out from the Assistant UI. But now there’s a complete history of your commands, and you can edit them too.

To get that detailed history, you need only drag up on the edge when Assistant emerges out. This will drop you into a full-screen interface that reveals your latest queries. Move up to check everything you’ve asked and how Assistant replied.

Editing is also easy, too. Just long-press a query and it will highlight the reply. Now using this, you can either delete or edit it. This will remove the query.


Assistant comes with smoother integration with many services and apps. For instance, you can ask Google to control your Hue lights directly but lights connected through Homey require you to prologue all commands with “Tell Homey.” Though it can be a bit lengthy, shortcuts are of great help indeed.

To create a shortcut, get the service you want to access quickly in the Explore tab. There will be an option on the info page to create a new shortcut. The shortcut screen has a box for what you want to say, and one below that for what you want Assistant to actually do in response.

Google Express shopping list

Google recently updated the shopping list feature by integrating it with Google Express delivery service. This change is of big help for users.

One just needs to say, “Add [item name] to my shopping list.” It will show up in your Google Express shopping list instantly.


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