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How To Get Started With The Google Assistant On Your Android Phone

For those who don’t have a Pixel, it’s time to make feel less envy due to at least one reason. Now you can easily get Google Assistant in your device.

The thing is no longer only confined to Pixel now and can be easily available for devices that run Marshmallow (6.0) or Nougat (7.0). By getting this in your device, you could choose to enhance its overall functionality to great extent. The Google Assistant is smarter and more capable than the standard Google app.

By updating your Google Play services, you can choose to get Google Assistant. This would compel Google to push it directly, as Play Services include APIs and other developer tools updated separately from the general anodyne Android operating system device update process.

On its arrival, a notification is released of a new friend in the Google Assistant. Similar to Google’s voice search, it can be dealt immediately with an “OK Google” command or by pressing and holding the home button.

The Google Assistant is known to give sometimes finer results with the queries you’re used to. There’s also a variety of things that you can do if you tap into IFTTT.

Google’s A.I. companion is capable of delivering direct answers to search queries, whereas the previous voice search tool would typically offer up a range of blue links. If you want to determine the current cast of The Voice or the venue of the next World Cup, Google has the precise answer.

Get Control

There are two different gateways that provide entry to the same room in regard to the customization the Google Assistant. One is the Google app itself. Beckon the assistant, tap the overflow menu (three dots in the upper right), and select Settings.

Tap your Google account at the top to get some particular data points that give space for further customization. As Google knows almost everything about you anyways, you may also inform it your home and work address. You’ll love to take a look into the “My Day” and “News” sections, to customize what Assistant does when you ask “how is my day?” or “what does my day look like?”\

This will enable you to ask the Google Assistant questions like “how does my commute look?” and “what will the weather be when I get home?” You can also expect to view some obstinate predictions in the Google feed cards about such information based on what you’ve informed the Assistant.

There’s also an option to integrate a shopping with Google Keep. With this, you can leave the phone on the counter and shout out things you need while dealing through the refrigerator. You can even add various items at a time: “OK Google, add butter, milk, and eggs to the shopping list.” Isn’t this really cool? After getting used to it, you would come to know that it is truly a great tool that you’ve been missing till now.


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