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Google Pixel 2: Here is Everything We Know So Far

After tasting success with its Flagships devices Pixel and Pixel XL, Google is all set to launch Pixels 2. We are presenting what would be the probable outcome and what may Google offers to users.

Google Pixel 2: release date and price

As per reports, Google would be launching the Pixel 2 in October 2017. Google will continue to charge high-end prices, as Apple does with the iPhone. The future model would therefore likely surpass the price of the Pixel and Pixel XL, which came out starting at $649 and $769 respectively.

Google Pixel 2: Tech Specs and Build

Will it be waterproof?

If initial footages were some kind of hint, we can expect a better built and design with Pixel 2.Also as per the reporter from 9 to5 Google, the Pixel 2 will be waterproof. That was surely a minus point for Google’s Pixel. In comparison to iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7, which is waterproof, Pixel was at the lower side. Both of these latter devices are important competitors and set the bar pretty high in regards to what high-end smartphones should offer. The new entrant like Pixel found itself behind in the competition of premium smartphones.

Tough choices: build quality Vs camera quality

Google also has plans to work on the camera front, an important factor in luring the users. For improving camera a lot can be done by the Google. On this front, many manufacturers have already set the benchmark and to impress customers some innovation has to be there.

If Google plans on improving the build quality, we could be in store for some elegant enhancements over the past contender. Water resistance is now the mark of a premium device: Sony removed this feature from many of its Xperia devices, reserving it solely for its most expensive models, the X Performance, and Xperia XZ. The new LG G6 is IP68 certified, that means Google will definitely have to add it to the Pixel 2 to keep up with its high-end competition.

Processing power

As per the report, Google is in process of testing improved chipsets composed of “some with Snapdragon 83X chips and other with Intel chips. However, considering that the processor manufacturing company Mediatek would be an integral part of it but now, it is no more part of it at least as of now.

Google Pixel 2: software

On the software front, a lot of speculations have to be there but there is nothing confirmed till now. However, we can certainly expect an improved version of Google Assistant, the famous voice based program of Google.

Our assessments

Google has very high ambitions with Pixel 2 and its main focus on capturing the high-end market of smartphones. But one thing is for sure that Pixel 2 will be more expensive than Pixel. People waiting for an affordable Pixel would be disappointed as Google is in no mood to leave any stone unturned to come with a great phone.


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