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Samsung’s Device Maintenance Feature: Is It Useful?

In the latest version of Android (Nougat 7.0) in Samsung devices, there is a new option for device maintenance. With the help of this feature, you can have an overview of many things like the status of the battery, storage, RAM, and security also. You also have the freedom to optimize your smartphone with just a tap. But does this feature work? Let’s evaluate it.

As already mentioned, with the launch of the Galaxy S7, Samsung introduced the feature and sync it with the actual system.With the release of Android 7.0, Android also floated the similar feature with it.Apart from some minor issues, it is a nice feature to explore.

What you can do with Device Maintenance

This new feature is available in Settings. With the help of this you can view and improve the performance of you Galaxy S7 by using following methods:

  • Clearing memory
  • Deleting unnecessary files and closing apps running in the background
  • Managing unusual battery use
  • Scanning for malware

Now, let’s go deeper and understand specific actions and tools available.


You can have an insight for remaining battery power and usage time for the device. This automatically saves power by activating the power saving mode, when the battery is low. You will not receive notifications but it will enhance your device’s usage. This feature also monitors your background apps so they don’t consume more battery. This feature also enables you to increase the speed of charging the battery and also display the status of the battery on the status bar. Usually, both these features are enabled by default; otherwise you can also enable them in Advanced Settings.

Performance Mode

This option adjusts device’s performance according to the action of users. It means your smartphone can perform better and adjust according to your action like playing music or games. This is exactly what this option meant to be.


This feature enables you to check the status of used as well as free memory. As we all know, the storage capacity and what’s actually available are never the same since stock apps and the system itself takes up the internal storage space.

You can also free up the memory by deleting files or clearing cache along with the ads popped up with apps, sites, and games. You can also reach memory of microSD card of your smartphone and manage it. However, this feature has been developed not solely by Android but with help of two developers named Cheeta Mobile and Clean Master.


This feature meant to boost up the speed of your phone by optimizing the RAM your phone uses. Here, you can control and stop apps, you don’t want to run in the background and thus free up more RAM. By doing this you can improve the speed of your Galaxy S7 considerably.


You also have the option to check the security status of your device. You can check for any malware by scanning your device. This feature is developed with the involvement of Intel Security.


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