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Google Play Store 5.4.12 APK Now Available for Download

Google has been spoiling us a new update for its Google Play Store application which bring lots of new improvements, features, tweaking and more new UI enhancements.

The new Google Play Store update is called version 5.4.12 which comes with some bugs fixes and changes such as more Material Design, Details Page, Enterprise apps support, Wearable sensors/activity data. All users who want this new improvement can download the APK version directly from below.

But these are not the only changes included in Google Play Sore 5.4.12. Google Play Newsstand was also updated with a complete Material Design.

In addition, Google has confirmed that the new iteration comes with app icon for new Play Store carrier with a new look, keeping itself in line with the new Material Design’s new aesthetics.

However, apart from the design part, other things have changes under the hood. The What’s New section has been ported to the top of the application and is now visibly highlighted in green color.

Regarding the new app the Widget Suggestion icons far the home screen have modified, maintaining the paper like design, the flat, as was expected. The application also features a new notification icon for the status bar as well, after all.

Google has started that the new update for its Play Store application is now slowly pushed out worldwide, so it might not be available for your device right away. However, you can manually download and install Google Play 5.4.12 APK from here.

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