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Google Released Android N Developer Version

Google has always surprised us and it has been part of their business strategy as it helps them garner much more media attention. Google has done this exactly again by rolling out the second developers’ version of Android N. This reflects where the future of Android is headed.

Android N Developer preview: what does this mean?

This is available on a few Nexus series devices such as Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Pixel C, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. The test version of the Android N Developer is for developers.

The latest version of the Android N has many features such as apps would have ability to find out shortcuts, can add a memo in the calendar. It has an Emoji Unicode 9 support and there are a variety of APIs to improve the performance the gaming. It contains a new hamburger menu button and it has been embedded into the system settings

Multi-window mode

Google has incorporated a multi-window mode to bring a native multitasking feature in the system. Though this feature was absent in Android Mashmallow, but now Google seems to fly now. These images clearly show the multi-window feature and the best part is that it works well with both tablets and smartphones.

New Notifications panel

Google has completely gone to revamp the Notification panel. Those icons lying above the notification shade are more prominent and there is also a dropdown toggle to expand the panel. You can now respond to messages directly.  Apart from that, they can easily be stacked so there is a better optimization of area.

Enhanced Doze mode

The doze mode is used to enhance the power capacity of battery. Now Google Doze can become active when the screen is turned off. Earlier this was not possible at all.  This is a great feature considering that battery power is an important feature.

Svelte design

Google has worked very hard to incorporate a set of tweaks so that Android could be able to run effectively on less powerful devices. However, more results will come out after the final release of Android N.

Android Mashmallow is a great OS and it delivered many useful features such as granular app permissions and app standby and System UI Tuner.  Android N will extend these functionalities such as app drawer and customizable power off menu.

Apart from that, it will have amazing password manager and Android N permissions manager. It will be interesting to see how it rolls out in the final version. Though, the feature is still confusing. We hope it can make the process more intuitive.

Google is also expanding the default app functionality and Android N will have a default app picker feature.  There are a number of bugs in the development version and gradually Google will remove these bugs till the time its final version will be released. No doubt Android N is the future and it will be an exciting experience for all users to see a major shift to the new technology. Google has announced that the final version will be sent to all manufacturers this summer



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