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Android N Dev Preview 2 Adds A Calculator Quick Settings

It’s an open secret Android N has editable Quick Settings into UI. In the second developer preview, a new Quick Settings title to the interface— it opens a calculator. You can simply drag and drop the calculator tile.

You can do this by opening the editing interface in Quick Settings. When the final build will be released, developers will be able to build their Quick Settings type for their apps.

Quick Setting is an extremely handy way to expose key settings and actions and one can do it directly from the notification shade. The scope to do the same has increased even more in Android N.

There is a more room for additional Quick Setting tiles, which users can access through a paginated display area. They will have to swipe just left or right.

Android N has also added a new API that allows you define a new API in your own Quick Settings tiles.

According to, “Quick Settings tiles are reserved for controls or actions that are either urgently required or frequently used, and should not be used as shortcuts to launching an app.”



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