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Google Suspends Accounts of Pixel Resellers

Anyone who has in mind buying a Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone and selling it later for making some money needs to be cautious. Google regards such actions as against their terms of service. They have suspended Google accounts of several people who were found indulging in such acts. If you do no want your account suspended as well, better back off.

Dan’s Deals, the deal monitoring site, was the first to report such activity. People who were locked out of their Google account reported the matter to the site via emails. These were folks who purchased a Pixel phone and later sent the devices to a reseller located in New Hampshire and, in the process, took home a decent profit. These phones were later sold the by the reseller to other people. Dan’s Deals report says more than 200 Google accounts have been affected by their policy.

Shocked by the news, the dealer says it’s willing to return the phones to Google—if it agrees to turn user accounts back on. It says more than 200 people have been affected by Google’s decision to ban and now have no access to Gmail, along with other Google services.

In an official statement to the site, Google has termed suspension of Google accounts a lesson for those people who do not go through the terms and service agreement when buying a smartphone. Obvious, thinks that such behavior is unwelcome whether one is buying a smartphone and not just pixel.Do you agree with the step Google has taken?


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