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Xiaomi Mi MIX Tested by Zack from JerrRig Everything

The Xiaomi Mi MIX is a dream phone for many when you consider the fact that the device crams a 6.4? display into a footprint that is only slightly bigger than the 5.5? Pixel XL. Now, this is something that is certainly going to leave you impressed, but it will be good to take some thought out for the features such a phones brings. Xiaomi’s Mi MIX was tested by Zack from JerrRig Everything, and here is the account of it!

Zack unboxed the Chinese smartphone and then got back to testing. Like other Gorilla Glass-equipped devices, its screen is also scratch-resistant.

However, what sets it apart is the glossy ceramic back. Jet Black iPhone 7, which quite resembles Mi Max, was also scratched a lot and it stood its ground with choices better than the screen itself.

Xiaomi has covered the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor with ceramic, making it a lot more durable than scanners such as the plastic-covered Galaxy S7’s.

The power and volume buttons are covered with ceramic as well. Glass has been used for covering the camera; however, when it comes to flash, mere plastic is used.

Mi MIX held its own against burn test of Zack and when he applied the bend test, Zack barely budged. Though screen appeared to go off initially, but the issue was resolved by turning the screen off and back on.

When you take into account Mi MIX design, you have to acknowledge it has fared quite well. We expect Zack to do a drop test as well next time. Hope you would have liked this piece!


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