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Google’s Duo Video Chat App Is Rolling Out In The Play Store

If you have not forgot about Google’s announcement of Duo video chat app during the Google I/O this year. It is going to have a global rollout of this very soon. Duo has been designed as a simple 1-on-1 video chat without any hangout and complication.

It is based on your phone number which allows you to chat with anyone in your contact list. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android and you just need to tap once to start a call. If other person hits, you will find a live video of them very much like a digital peephole. Google has termed this as a Knock Knock. If you find this annoying, just turn it off.

Despite the hype, it will be difficult to say that Google Duo will be able to beat Skype. It will be disappointing to hear this for Google fan’s but this is the reality. The only grand Total feature of video chat app is Knock Knock which works on the Android lock screen. That means you have to be in the iOS app in order for Knock Knock to work.

It can replace Skype only when if it provides a stable and reliable video chat app experience which has been a constant problem for Skype. It will have to be flawlessly perfect to succeed. Another thing is that it needs users.
Like all social app its success will largely depend on how your friends install it like WhatApp. That is a critical mass to succeed. Till then it will be difficult to assume that people will install and stick with Duo video chat app.

It has no compelling feature, no support for multiple devices and no reason to get people on iOS to install it. And it is highly unlikely that people will switch to iOS just to download this app.


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