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Hisense Releases The New H9F and H8F ULED Android TVs in the United States

Hisense has announced and release their new 2019 Android TV lineup in the United States. If you are looking for a new TV capable of running the latest Android apps and offer great picture quality at a more reasonable price, then you should take a look at their new models. The Hisense new models are separated as H8F and H9F series, with the first ones being already available for purchase. The Hisense H9F series will be available for purchase next month. The Hisense H8F series are available in three display sizes, 50″, 55″ and 65″, and both are running the Android Oreo OS out-of-the-box. Here are some of the main features that you will be getting from these models: Direct LED panel backlight, HDR10, 4K upscaking, Dolby Vision, quad-core CPU, Wide Color Gamut, Noise Reduction, Hi-View Processor, Ultra Color Enhancer, 120 Hz vertical digital frequency, Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet connection, Android Oreo OS with built-in Google Assistant, support for Amazon’s Alexa, VESA mount support. Hisense H8F Android TV models are available starting from $400 for the smaller 50″ model, $500 for the mid-sized 55″ model, and going up to $700 for the bigger 65″ edition. All these models are supporting 4K content and they are using ULED screen technology, that is very similar to OLED but cheaper, hence the small prices set for each model. Later this year Hisense will launch a flagship TV model with the series version set as U9F. The future new models are coming with Quatum Dot technology, the same one that is found on the Samsung 2018 and 2019 models. Also, the U9F pricing will be a bit higher than the H8F/ H9F models, as we will be able to buy one unit starting from $3500. If you are looking to buy a Hisense TV, then you should be able to find one in your location as of today, as the new models have been shipped and are ready for purchase. In case you wish to purchase a higher-end Hisense Android TV, then you might want to wait several weeks since these models will be released next month.

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