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Regain Control Over Your Old Android Phone By Removing Lockscreen Protection with EasyFRP Bypassing Methods

In case you’ve replaced your Android device with a newer model and you’ve since forgotten the unlock pattern, pin or password you used to keep the device locked, then you should know that you can bypass such protection using Easy FRP Bypass tools. Most of these tools are safe to use, but you should know that not all of them are going to unlock your phone without deleting any data files. All the Android devices are released with a built-in Factory Reset Protection, so that users can protect their data better and keep it safe from any unwanted eyes. If you’ve changed your device, and you’ve postponed the data retrieval for so long that you forgot the unlock code you’ve previously set, then you will need an alternate method that teaches you how to unlock your device. If you don’t want to send your device to a repair shop and you wish to take care of this problem all by yourself, then you should be checking the tutorials on how to bypass FRP for Android devices. Most applications and tools listed there should work with most Android devices that are running firmware older than Android 8 Oreo, while for the newest OS version you will find it harder to get past the factory reset protection. All the tools that you will be using to fix your device are going to require an advanced understanding on how they work, that’s why you should use them only if you are an advanced user. Keep in mind that these apps are not always going to work at their first attempt, and in case you’re not able to complete the process, then it would be best to ask for support from an Android repair service shop. If you are not interested in retrieving data from your old Android device and you wish to only get rid of the locked screen, then you can simply Factory Reset the device using each phone’s Recovery Mode menu. Access it, select the option that says it wipes data, and you will be done – the phone will boot in normal mode just as it did before.

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