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“AI Features In Android P”: Making Your Smartphone Even Smarter

We are not unaware of the revolutions made by AI and ML in every sphere of life be it science, IT, healthcare, automobile, tourism, marketing, and anything you say.

But what brings AI and its techniques to work in all these different ranges of the industry?

It’s the Mobile World and its evergrowing developments!

Yes, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts have enhanced the smartphone experience in a huge way where both iOS and Android have integrated with these technologies in the form of apps.

As its the digital world and digital advancements are taking place every minute, Google with its Android P (mobile operating system) has put the traits of AI into the core of its operating system.

Clearly, one can analyze that the future advancements in science and technology are never ending where it becomes crucial for developers and programmers to get involved in an Artificial Intelligence Training that will provide you useful insights about AI and mobile app development.

Various Android versions have come up till date and Android Pie being the latest has the potential of making your phone more smarter and more user-centric offering new kinds of experiences.

Without much delay let me make you familiar with some powerful AI-powered features that Google’s Android P encompasses in itself. Take a rundown:

#1 Saves Phone Battery

With AI and ML algorithms running at the back, Google’s operating system gives its users and operators more consistent battery experience.

Running low on the battery over your mobile phones will not be the case anymore as the tech giant joined hands with DeepMind and brought up a new feature of ‘Adaptive Battery’.

This newly designed attribute takes help of AI predictive analysis and identifies how a user is going to use his phone and which are the apps he’s likely to open and use.

The apps running at the background are categorized as per the restrictions using App Standby buckets giving apps the status of ‘active’ and ‘rare’. Thus, the whole process of execution is effectively handled giving long life to your phone’s’ battery.

#2 Smarter Display

The display is all about how well your mobile phone can adjust its visual settings. And when it comes to improving the brightness, Android P does it all for you without needing any manual efforts.

Pie is made to learn from machine learning traits. It assesses your manual adjustments, learns and automatically tailors your screen brightness to the levels that better suits you and help you save battery and time.

#3 More Efficient UX

Android Oreo, the previous version made use of AI and ML where it used to make proactive decisions to sort frequently used apps. However, this new version goes a step ahead and as an assistant suggests a user about the apps he/she can use as per their habits and patterns.

The smart technique anticipates your next action analyzing your current action and offers you to go for the shortcut to land up to the desired section of the app.

Dispensing excellent user experience is the main motive of every mobile application which the Google’s operating system clearly understands and enables an app to deliver the same.

#4 Smart Notification Replies

The technologies of this digital world are merely invented to ease the efforts of humans, making machines do even the minor work for them.  

In Android P, Google brings AI-enabled reply suggestions encompassing them into the notification feature where you need not open the full app as the clever inbuilt attributes of the OS will provide some smart replies.

You can attach photos, place stickers, type text straight from the notification area allowing you to respond instantly then and there. Yes, other than just seeing the notifications, you can make well use of them.

#5 Prevents Smartphone Addiction

We know how much we are addicted to e-devices today. Surprisingly, a majority of the populace keep their mobile devices at an arms distance, spending most of the time on the web.

Imagine a smartphone, becoming more smart and caring, helps you and advise you to pay more heed towards major life concerns. Pie brings you such a feature right there in your Android phone.

Learning well from Artificial Intelligence, the OS understands user patterns and behavior and drives your attention towards major focusses and concerned matters.

These internal attributes include:

  1. Dashboard:

Shows a user, how much time he has spent on the device and what he has been doing with it.

2. App Timer:

Allows an operator to specify how much time he spends on certain apps and alerts the person when his allotted time draws near once the time duration ends up.

3. Wind Down:

This feature automatically-

  • enables Night Light
  • turns on Do Not Disturb mode,
  • cut downs the blue light emitted by the screen and,
  • turn the screen to grayscale mode at your set bedtime.

Over To You

The digital advancements are never ending where AI and ML will continue to break the industry norms expanding its reach industry-wide. The mobile app development sphere will further see enormous revolutions comforting the end-user and benefitting the marketers.

Android, being the most popular operating system is all set to derive customer’s experience by dispensing some ever new tech features in the apps supporting android platforms.

With its, every modified version came some extraordinary user-centric features which attracted the audience towards buying Android phones. Undoubtedly, the OS learning well from Artificial Intelligence and its branches will succeed in making its users happy and contented.


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