Top 4 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Mobile application development market has drastically increased in the past few years. A research reveals that 90 billion applications were downloaded in the year 2016. And, the mobile app development market is expected to reach 100 billion USD by 2022 with CAGR of 14 percent. It’s a golden opportunity for those who are willing to make their career with this development technology, as this new digital era is shifting towards smart and mini gadgets where people prefer handy devices rather than heavy PCs. Being the part of this flow requires a clear understanding of all the phases involved in android development- from an OS, language to platform for deployment. To explore this magical technology you can go for Android App Development Course, video tutorials, web documentation, slides, developers platform and many other resources which are easily accessible.

1). NodeJS :

NodeJS is the most popular runtime language currently being used to perform server-side development for website and app. Since JavaScript is a client-side development language, Node can easily accomplish both back and front end tasks giving a good performance.

Its lightweight approach makes the whole process faster one process thread is independent of each other. Due to its high efficiency and scalability, most of the developers prefer NodeJS. Also, the involvement of nodeJS in MEAN development makes it famous among beginners who just marked their presence in this field as it doesn’t require learning multiple languages, only JavaScript-based languages will help you to cross this entire development river.

NodeJS is also preferred as one of the secure languages for server-side programming. Whether you are going for building an e-commerce, web app, games or heavy website, its third-party modules are enough to provide almost all kind of service you want to inherit in your application. It is being used in the modern applications like Trello, PayPal, Uber, Medium, eBay for performing various tasks.

2). Python :

Python which is currently being used in the data science at a very vast rate as its available packages assist data scientists in various ways making their work efficient and effective. Whether you are planning to develop a standalone application, web app, enterprise app or advanced app leveraging AI and ML-like services- Python is the best solution.

Python is the most popular programming language among hackers and top organizations as well. Currently, it is being used in large companies for GUI development, analysis, and other complex scientific application. DropBox, Quora, Instagram, Spotify, Reddit like big applications are developed with the python programming. The best part is it’s easy to learn, runs on various platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix. Python also supports GUI applications. Here is the source to learn python.

  1. Java :

Java is a concurrent, object-oriented programming language developed at Sun Microsystem. Various top-level organizations are currently using this language. According to PYPL Popularity report- Java has become the most searched language on Google search engine.

One of the most famous OS- Android uses Java programming language for developing mobile applications. Apart from Android, Java is also used in scientific development, web applications, embedded systems, server-side applications, game development etc. Currently, companies like Google, TCS, Yahoo etc., are using this language for programming their business models and other applications. A few of the most famous platforms like Eclipse, Netbeans, NASA world wind, Blue-Ray etc., are developed in Java. The key features of Java include supportable APIs, multiple platform support, easy to learn, strong IDEs etc.

C++ :

C++ programming language was introduced in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup. Its biggest benefit lies in middle-level programming development. It is an object-oriented language derived from C to achieve the use of real-world entities through classes, objects, polymorphism, and abstraction like features.

From the FinTech sector to a large manufacturing industry- everyone is using this language to drive their work culture. Various applications for iOS, Windows, and Android are developed in C++. This language is currently being used in large applications like Adobe, MySQL Server, Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, PayPal, Callas software etc. C++ is termed as the most powerful programming language with feature like fast execution, massive libraries etc.

With these powerful programming languages, it has become very easy to develop fast applications. The availability of thousands of modules and packages.


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