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How to Backup and restore EFS on Galaxy S3

When you want to install a new custom ROM firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S3, the data loss risk is always possible.  So we will share with you a lesson about the how to backup and restore the EFS from your SGS3 with the one-click method.

  • If you don’t have a EFS backup, you should downgrade to the stock ROM or use an official update compatible with your S3 and released by Samsung.
  • Exist many possibilities to learn about how to back up your EFS device folder, we will focus a simply methodwhich is based one click tool method
  • Note: This method implies on a rooted S3 device. If you don’t have a rooted smartphone, you should  root it and remove the factory restrictions.
  • Before to make any change on your smartphone we always recommend making a full backup of all your critical data.
  • Disable and deactivate the antivirus or other security software from your PC and your smartphone; these programs can restrict the backup operations.
  • Enable USB debugging option on your Samsung Galaxy S3 device.
  • Charge your device battery to don’t get turned off in the middle of the backup process.
  • Read all instructions carefully and do not perform things by yourselves.

 How to Backup and restore Galaxy S3 EFS Using One-Click Method- Tutorial

  • Download the Samsung KIES on your PC and installing the drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • Download the EFS backup and restore program, it is an archive .rar file.
  • Extract the archive on your PC.
  • Verify in your Samsung Galaxy S3 if the USB debugging option is enabled. For that go to Settings -> Developer and here check if the USB debugging option is checked.
  •  Connect the S3 device on with the original USB cable to the PC.
  • Open the folder where you extracted the downloaded file and run the “Backup_EFS” executable.
  • Now, just follow the prompts.
  • In the same folder, with the “Backup_EFS” the EFS will be saved in the .img format.
  • For restore the EFS click on the “Restore_EFS” executable and follow the prompts.

That’s all, now you learnt how to backup and restore the Samsung Galaxy S3 EFS folder with one-click method.




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