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How To Install Android 7.0 Nougat Factory Image for Google Nexus 6

Nexus 6 smartphone users will be happy as the official Android 7.0 Nougat Factory Image is now available for them.  This article has described a detailed process about how to flash a factory image for your phone. If you want to restore to stock Android firmware, you need a custom ROM. It is to be noted that the process of installing Factory image will wipe out complete data of your phone. Here are the following guidelines that you should strictly follow:

The process described here should not be applied on any other model of Nexus 6. To check the model of the phone go to Settings and then About Phone. Once you are sure of the model, enable USB debugging option. If the Developer Options menu is hidden, unhide it.

  • Go to Settings
  • Then, go to About Phone
  • Look for USB Debugging now and enable it

OEM Unlock option should also be enabled under Developer Options Menu. Since the process leads to a loss of data, it is extremely important to take the data backup of your phone. This guide is for Android users who have advanced level of knowledge of Android. Don’t skip any step mentioned here. Also make sure that the battery is 70% charged.

How to flash Android 7.0 Factory Image for Google Nexus 6

  • First you will need to setup an Android SDK for your computer and for that—you will need to install USB drivers and all SDK packages your PC needs to recognize and flash new firmware files.
  • Download Android SDK. To do that click here:
  • Now install Android SDK on your PC. After that go to Installation Directory > SDK Manager app, download the file platform tools, SDK Nougat files and SDK drivers.
  • Under Platform tools folder > SDK Installation directory, you will need to copy the file. In case, you fail to do so, repeat the above process once more without skipping any step.

Flash Android 7.0 Factory Image In Nexus 6

  • You can download the Android 7.0 factory image by clicking here:
  • Unzip the file and put it in platform tools folder. Then, switch off the phone.
  • Now boot the device in fastboot Mode, leave the fastboot screen, and avoid selecting other options.
  • Connect the phone PC via USB cable. Unlock the bootloader to allow the installation of a new Android 7.0 factory image. If the Nexus 6 already runs on an unlocked bootloader, skip this step. You can unlock the bootloader by entering the command line: fastbook flashing unlock.
  • Confirm the process. If it does not work, try fastboot OEM unlock.
  • Start the Android 7.0 factory image installation. To do that go to platform tool folder and launch the flash—all.bat installer script. You can see the bootloading happening.
  • Now disconnect the phone from PC and use your default login info.

It is to be noted that Android Source team will not be held responsible if something goes wrong.


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