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How to Root Google Nexus 4

You are the owner of  LG Google Nexus 4 and you want to learn an easy method about how to root the Google Nexus 4. You need to carefully read the instructions.

The Nexus 4 device if is rooted, gives you more advantage about of its performances. In the first step, you need to unlock the bootloader for the Nexus device and you can continue to obtain the root access for all internal files of your smartphone.  After your device is rooted, you can easily customize and optimize its performances.

After you learn all this instructions  you can to install CWM recovery image on your device.  And after that you will be able to install a custom ROM firmware (cm10 or AOKP) on it. Pre- requisites:

  •  When you root your device, you need know your warranty will be void. You can restore your warranty if you will get a downgrade to the stock ROM or to update official firmware provided by Google or by LG. When you come back on the one official version, your root access will be revoked.
  •  Backup all the data stored on your Nexus smartphone. For this, you can use our tutorial to backup your Nexus or any method you find is safe and will give you the option to get a full backup for your data.
  • You’ll need to use a PC which running Windows OS installed on it and original USB cable.
  •  Uninstall / deactivate the antivirus, firewall or other security tools on your computer and on your smartphone.
  • Enable the USB debugging option from the following path: Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging..
  • Verify the battery level and this level must be more than 50% power left. Charge the battery of your phone if there is less than 50% power left.


This post is only for the educational purpose. So if, anything happens to your device the team is not responsible for that.

How to Root Google Nexus 4

  1. First,, install ADB in your PC (insecure boot image).
  2. Second,, download the root archive file from here and save this package on your PC.
  3. Extract the downloaded package on the PC to the c:/android/tools or C:/android/platform-tools.
  4. Install the compatible drivers for your smartphone.
  5. Now, turn off your smartphone.
  6. Reboot your smartphone in bootloader (fastboot) Mode. To entering in the bootloader mode, you should press in the same time the Volume down and the Power buttons.
  7. Then, connect your smartphone with the computer with the help of original USB cable.
  8. On the PC, open a CMD (Command Prompt), for this go to Start and then RUN and there type CMD.
  9. In the CMD window,you enter the following commands: “adb reboot bootloader”, “fastboot oem unlock” and “fastboot boot boot.img”.
  10. After you executed the above commands in the CMD window, enter the following commands:

 Type in cmd.

  • Reboot the smartphone and that is all.

Congratulations, you successfully learnt to  root your LG Nexus 4. After rooting your device, you’re able to install custom applications on your smartphone. You can install custom recovery imageand the new custom ROMs firmware available for your Nexus 4.



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