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How to root Motorola Razr HD with one-click tool

If you have a Motorola Razr HD device and you want to learn how to root your Motorola, you can learn it by reading this article.


These instructions are compatible and must be applied only on the Motorola Razr HD phone.

  • The connection between your PC and the Motorola RAZR HD is possible only if you have installed on your computer the Motorola drivers. The drivers are available to be downloaded from here.
  • Enable the USB debugging option from your device’s Motorola menu.
  • You will need to connect the Motorola device with the computer with the help of the original USB cable.
  • Disable/Deactivate all the security programs from both PC and smartphone.
  • Reread all instructions and make sure you understood all listed steps in this tutorial and don’t skip any step of them.

Important: This tutorial is compatible and can be applied only for Motorola Razr HD device .

Warning: This post is only for the educational purpose. So if, anything happens to your device the team is not responsible for that.

How to root Motorola Razr HD with one-click tool

  • First, download the zip file with One-click tool from here or to the second source from here.
  • Second, Extract the zip file and place the content into the new folder on your computer desktop.
  • Now, connect your smartphone to your computer in Charge-only Mode.
  • Open the folder created in the previous step and double-click on the ‘RUN’ batch file.
  • Follow the CMD prompt instructions from the CMD window and the root process will be applied into your device.
  •  That’s all; you learnt how to root your Motorola RAZR HD smartphone with this One-Click root tool.

If you’ll have problems to understand this tutorial, please use our comment section to share with us your troubles.



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