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How to Update Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830 with APOCALYPSE Custom ROM Firmware

Based on the Cyanogen Mod 7, the custom ROM APOCALYPSE can be flashed on your Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830 device. I will share with you the instructions about how you can easily implement this custom ROM in your Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830 device.



When you are flashing your device with a custom ROM firmware, the data stored into your Samsung Galaxy ACE device might get deleted.

DANGER: Don’t backup your data with the ROM Manager app, because this situation can brick your smartphone.

  • To save your SMS, you can download “SMS Backup & Restore app”, and after that install this software, make a full backup for your SMS stored in internal device memory.
  • To sync your contacts, you can sync your contacts with your personal Gmail account.
  • To save Call logs, you can use and download Call Log and Restore app.
  • For the other necessary files like Images, videos, songs or personal files stored in the internal device memory.
  • To save the Internet Settings APN and MMS settings all you should do is to note down from the follow path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names”
  • For installing this new firmware your device need to be rooted.
  • After the rooting is done, now enable the USB Debugging from the following path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”.
  • Check the level of the battery and make sure that the minimum level of the charge left in your battery is minimum 50

Important: This tutorial is compatible and can be applied only for HTC One X device .

Warning: This post is only for the educational purpose. So if, anything happens to your device the team is not responsible for that.

How to Update Galaxy ACE S5830 with APOCALYPSE Custom ROM Firmware- tutorial

  1. First, download the  APOCALYPSE firmware pack and save this file on your PC
  2. Second, connect your smartphone to the PC with the original USB cable.( Once the download is done)
  3. Copy and Paste the download zip archive in your Samsung Galaxy ACE smartphone.
  4. After you have placed the zip file, turn off the smartphone, so that Galaxy ACE device can be entered in the Recovery Mode.
  5. For Galaxy ACE S5830, to enter in Recovery Mode, you need to download the ROM Manager application and after that select the “reboot into recovery mode” option.
  6. When your smartphone is in the Recovery Mode, select “install zip from SD card” after “choose zip from SD card” and chose the zip file APOCALYPSE Custom ROM archive which you copied in your smartphone.
  7. When the file is selected, the installation of this custom ROM can take around 5 minutes for installing this firmware. Once it is placed select “Go Back”

Tip: If your Samsung device doesn’t power on or entering in the boot loop mode, you should remove the battery from your device and to reinsert battery and after that try to process again to install this new firmware by following  all steps above mentioned.

That’s all, you have successfully learned how to update your Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830 with the APOCALYPSE custom ROM update.




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