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How to install ADB and Fastboot

It is important to learn how to install ADB and Fastboot on Windows if you want to root your Android device. In this article we are presenting you a detailed guide for the process and the most common mistakes we commit:

Know what is ADB?

ADB is known as Android Debug  Bridge has a client and a server part in which both communicate with each other. It’s similar to communication tool between your smartphone and PC.  You can access it through command prompt on Windows and use it to send commands to Android from PC. It is a very useful process in rooting or flashing a new ROM or in troubleshooting smartphones.

What is fastboot?

It is a diagnostic tool which people use to modify the Android file system from a computer when the smartphone is in bootloader mode. It has some basic command such as ‘flash’ (install) a boot image or a bootloader.

What are drivers?

It is a small program which enables an operating system such as Windows to recognize a device and interact with it or use it. Every device has its own driver, hard drive, and mouse. In our smartphones, the system uses a driver itself, and in the ADB mode and fastboot mode since the interface is not same. In short Windows need a driver for the smartphone for ADB and fastboot.

Install ADB drivers on Windows

The advantage with Windows 10 system is that, we don’t need to install any addition driver. On Windows 7 and earlier versions, connecting your smartphone via PC was somewhat very complex.

The problem with Windows 7 is that the ADB interface will be rarely recognized. In case there is not appropriate ADB driver, the smartphone and PC will not be able to communicate. Therefore ADB installers offer a universal solution to the problem.

Click on ADB Driver Installer, open the zip file, start the .EXE file kept therein. Confirm the warning regarding various user controls as and when they appear.

Enable USB debugging

This Is a simple process and you can do it easily. Go to Settings, tap on About Phone, press seven times in quick succession on build number. Now go back to Settings menu and you will see and option for Developer options above the About phone.  In here, activate USB debugging.

Now you should refresh on ADB Driver Installer and your device should appear. If it doesn’t work then change the USB connection mode. Many smartphones use the USB cable only for default.     Many smartphones use the USB cable only for charging by default. This is intentionally done so that your files are invisible to the user of the connected computer.

Also, pull down the notification from the top of the screen of the smartphone when it is connected to your computer. Now press the USB connection type, select either MTP or PTP.

Now click on Refresh, you can see your device in the list of ADB driver installers. Click on the line displaying your installers and click Install.  In case of problem, you need to open the Device Manager, delete the existing entires and repeat the installation process.

Install ADB Tools on Windows

Now this is time to make use of ADB drivers. Download the android sdk_ and file.

How to backup Android

Keeping the data backup is very important in this process. There is nothing worse than losing everything on your phone or computer. Here is a method to take the backup of your Android phone.

How to backup Android

Google backup

You can keep your data backup safe with Google. Just go your phone’s settings, and then go to Backup & Reset. You will find an option for backing up your data including Wi-Fi passwords, preferences and other kinds of app data. You can also automatically restore when you re-install an app.

ADB errors: common error messages and solutions

If you don’t find your command or make a mistake or if the command is not available in your ADB version. Check the command through adb help .

If it shows no device, this means your USB is not connected properly and ADB interface on your phone is not running on your phone.

You should try using a different USB port, another cable, you can enable USB debugging and also check the drivers and also restart the device.

If you find that the server is not updated or is out of date. You should update the version of ADB tools.


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