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How to set up automatic unlock for your Android phone

If you’ve locked your Android phone, sometimes it gets frustrating to unlock it at various places. Though it is necessary for the security of your phone, sometimes it makes no sense. For example, if you’re at your home or any other place where it is unlikely someone else might try to sneak, there is no need for unlock pattern or pin. In order to avoid this, now there is a good app available known as Smart Lock available. This app is typically an automatic unlocking function which lets users define trusted places, trusted devices, and trusted face unlocking. This is certainly the most feasible way to unlocking your phone just by taking a look at the same.

How to switch on Smart Lock

You can manage Smart Lock by using the Settings app on your phone. Before you begin, it is necessary that you have set a pattern or any other locking system on your device. Go to Settings, move to Security and choose ‘Smart Lock’. You can choose one option, or all of them. Smart Lock allows users define various trusted devices and unlimited trusted places. However, you’ll only be allowed to set up one trusted face.

  1. Using trusted places

As its name indicates, you can set a location such as home or office as trusted places. By using Google Maps, you can choose to set a custom place. Try to be specific rather than choosing an entire town or locality. Once you include these places, you’ll be able to toggle Smart Lock on and off by tapping the small green buttons next to each option.

  1. Using device Smart Lock

You can also add trusted devices just like setting trusted places. You can add a trusted device via Bluetooth settings on Android. If you have already have paired devices, just choose ‘add trusted device’. Besides Bluetooth, you can also set up trusted device using NFC.

  1. Using Trusted Face

This is indeed the best feature of Smart Lock. You can unlock your phone just by staring at the selfie camera of your phone. Click on the ‘Trusted face’ button to enable this option under the Smart Lock settings. You will get a message that face unlock isn’t as safe as other unlock methods. If you don’t have any issue with this, go to ‘Set up’. You’ll be asked to keep your device at eye level in a location that isn’t too bright or too dark. Android searches and stores your face, but face unlocking might not do well in places with poor lighting.

Smart Lock is certainly a time saver option for people who make frequent switches to different locations. These people can easily bypass the locking process at trusted places, with trusted devices, and with their face.


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