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Know The Reasons Why The LG V30 Outperforms The Galaxy Note 8

There is no doubt in the point that leading smartphone LG V30 and the amazing Galaxy Note 8 give touch competition to each other. They were launched within the same time and feature very much similarity in terms of great productivity, unmatched multimedia. For people, sometimes it becomes confusing to make a choice between them.

Let’s look at five big reasons why LG V30 provides more value to buyers against Galaxy Note 8.


  • Hi-Fi Quad DAC/MQA Support


For those addicted to music, the LG V30’s audio experience is far better by any other smartphone. While Samsung may be one of the few leading OEMs providing a headphone jack, the Note 8’s audio experience isn’t anything outstanding and it’s a fieldwhere Samsung traditionally didn’t put too much concentration. The V30 uses a 32-bit Hi-Fi quad DAC from ESS technology similar to the one from the V20, but now with more customization options.

Another big thing about V30 is that it supportsMQA (Master Quality Authenticated) which is a relatively new audio format that leads to hi-res audio output at a much smaller file size, making streaming hi-res audio a possibility.


  • Fingerprint Sensor Placement


Though both the devices feature fingerprint sensors, the V30’s performance a bit better. The V30’s fingerprint sensor is placedat the back, making it much easier to access, whereas the Note 8’s rests in the weird position to the right side of the camera lenses.

V30’s fingerprint sensor also acts as the power button, so you won’t need a separate power button. This revolutionary change was first made by LG and it’s pure success. To be more precise, one needs to get to the Note 8’s fingerprint sensor with a little bit of muscle memory. Samsung made some changes to instil some ease in usage over S8. The fingerprint sensor is more settled now, making it easier to locate, and the heart rate monitor and camera flash have been relocated in between the camera sensors and fingerprint sensor to enable more parting.


  • Video Recording Capabilities


Another benefit of LG’s V series that is yet to be matched by anyone is its camera’s video recording capabilities. Since the launch of LG V10, LG brought DSLR-like manual controls for video and it’s only become more influential with the newly introduced features on the V30.

The most distinguished feature is the ability to shoot in a log format or Cine-log as LG is dubbing it. If you’re not used to log, this is a format that is generally found on DSLRs or mirrorless cameras.


  • Wide Angle Lens


If you love using your smartphone camera, V30’s wide angle lens is simply outstanding. The V30’s secondary sensor is a wide angle lens setting for a wider field of view, whereas the Note 8 is a telephoto lens that provides the Note 8 2X optical zoom capabilities.

  1. It’s Cheaper

When it comes to purchase price, the V30 is cheaper than Samsung Galaxy Note 8. While there is no official confirmation of the LG V30’s price just yet, it is speculated that the former smartphone would cost lesser than the latter.


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